Milestones are a core gameplay mechanic, and the only way to unlock new features. Features unlocked through milestones include Zones, Transportation options, Amenities, budget/taxation options, and tools. Milestones can be triggered by a variety of factors, including population, time elapsed, the development of specific buildings, construction of specific amenities, and statistics like unemployment or city debt. Milestones are tracked per city, not globally.

If Tutorial Mode is enabled, all game features must be unlocked through milestones. If Tutorial Mode is off, certain features will be unlocked from the beginning of a new game, though the milestones that would unlock those features still appear.

Milestones Edit

Title Condition Unlocks
A New City Start a new game Road Tool, Street
First Roads 4 Roads built Zone Tool, Residential Zone, Bulldozer Tool, New Game option
First House Population 1 Agricultural Zone
First Farm 1 Worker

1 Agricultural Building

Speed Control
Hamlet Population 100 Retail Zone
Out of Cash LOC below 1,000 Budget element, Loan Term option, Property Tax
Village Population 1,000 Query Tool
Town Population 5,000 School, Avenue, Industrial Zone
Earnings Fall Short Earnings below 0 Budget element, Property Tax
Heinous Murder Shocks Town 2,000 Unemployed Police Station, Crime Heatmap
Every Child is Above Average 11 Education Library, Education Heatmap
Grand Opening! Density 1 Size 3 Retail building Small Park, Prosperity Heatmap
City Population 20,000 City Hall, Road Elevation, Road Pillars
Measure Twice, Cut Once 1,000 Roads built Planner Mode, Test Mode, Blueprints
A Factory Comes to Town Density 3 Industrial building Technical College, Pollution Heatmap, Office Zone
Let's Go to the Mall Density 2 Size 3 Retail building Boulevard, Density Heatmap, Building Designer
Budget Crisis School built, LOC below -1,000 Shut Down Building option, Sell Building option
Baby it's Hot Outside Temperature above 28°C, Density 3 Residential building Public Pool, Modpacks
Nice Neighborhood Density 2 Value 7 Residential building Value Heatmap, Mixed Use Zone
Density 3 Residential Building One-Way Roads
Giving Back Value 9 Residential building Zoo
Suburb Population 50,000 Ballpark, Mayoral Mansion, Expressways
Worn Out Road at 100% wear Road Repair tool
Corporate Headquarters Density 3 Size 3 Office building Community College
Alternative Tax City Hall built, LOC below 10,000, Density 2 Retail building Budget element, Sales Tax
Primary Health Care 4,000 Unemployed, Density 4 Office building Clinic
Crime and Punishment 6,000 Unemployed Jail
Do You Remember When... Game Year 1960 (10 Years passed) History Museum
Dreaming of Open Space Density 5 Residential building Big Park
Regional Center Population 100,000 Courthouse
Taxpayer Revolt Density 2 Value 7 Residential building, Earnings above 30,000, LOC above 100,000, Game Year 1961 (11 Years passed), City Hall built, Police Station Built, Unemployment Rate below 5 Property Tax Locked
You Can See for Miles Office building with Density 6 Convention Center
They Paved Paradise Residential building with Density 6 Pavilion
Sister Cities Population 200,000 Hospital
Business Interests Prevail Density 5 Office building, Earnings above 30,000, LOC above 200,000, Game Year 1965 (15 Years passed), City Hall built, Police Station built, Unemployment Rate below 4 Sales Tax Locked
From Business to Art Density 5 Value 7 Office building Art Museum
Return to Nature 20 Nature Nature Museum
Social Policy 6,000 Unemployed Social Services
Big City Population 500,000 Stadium
A Universal Education 20 Education, Population 40,000, Value 7 Residential building University Quad
A College Town University Quad built Basic Dorms, Tower Dorms, Fancy Dorms
What Should Major In? Dorms built, 1000 total Bunks University Schools
And Where Do I Eat Lunch? University School built University Amenities
I'm Thinking About a Minor University Amenity built, 1499 total Bunks University Minor Schools
Education Reform College built, Population 80,000, 15 Education Magnet School, Opportunity School
Metropolis Population 1,000,000 N/A
Skyscraper Density 9 Office building Grand Park

The "Size" requirement on some development conditions indicates that a building must have that length on at least one side. For example, the vanilla Supermarket design has dimensions of 2x3, fulfilling the Size 3 requirement of Grand Opening!

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