Why do we need another citybuilder?Edit

New Cities features a dynamic and challenging economic simulation. The addition of the Prosperity model makes New Cities unique. Players can choose to build sprawling low-services suburbs or compact but high-budget communities. You will have to manage recessions and changing conditions, creating a non-linear experience.

What future additions to the game can we expect?Edit

There are a number of features that are still possible to be added to the game. A poll has been made with crowdfund contributors to decide some of those. Some of those features have already been added(such as mass transit and universities), others will be added soon and some are not entirely possible. The page at can answer some questions about that.

Will parking be added?

It has been decided that park will not be added to the game due to several reasons highlited on the pinned message located on the #feature suggestions channel on the community discord.

What can I mod in the game?

Currently, it is possible to change the mass transit and single passenger cars using .obj files and .png textures. You can mod the game's shaders up to some extent. You can create custom textures for buildings, for roads, for most elements in the game by modifying the textures folder. You can create custom building designs or modify existing ones.You can modify several game constants using the lua files contained in the data folder in the game's folder. Check the modding page for more info

I have another question/problem, where do I talk about it?

The best place to ask for help is the ¨#support channel on the community discord. The best place to make suggestions is the #feature suggestions. Be sure to check the #announcements channel to see about new versions and hotfixes for specific problems.

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